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Digital Citizenship

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Students participating in distance learning should be “good digital citizens” and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and follow the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. Use the following guidelines from the Administration Regulation on Social Media Guidelines when engaging in distance learning.

1. All work during distance learning should be thoughtful, relevant, and connected to Council Rock’s instructional program.

2. Postings are public and archived. What you post leaves a digital footprint. Do not post anything you would not want parents, grandparents, teachers, college admission officers, or a future employer to see.

3. When a post relates to any school assignment or other instructional use, your posting should comply with the school district’s Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Policies. What is inappropriate in the classroom would also be inappropriate when it appears online.

4. If you post a hyperlink to outside sources, carefully review the site and the content. Be aware that Copyright Law may protect pictures, videos, songs, audio clips, and the intellectual property of others. Citing your source or seeking permission before you post is a matter of academic integrity.

5. When posting information through school computers or school accounts, remember that postings will be subject to monitoring by the school district.