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Medications in School

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MEDICATION FORM :  Permission to Administer Medications form SPECIFIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES FORM :  Authorization for Specific Medical Procedures to be done at School   Prescribed medications which are necessary for the health of a child may be administered during the school day. It is recommended that, whenever possible, all medications be administered at home by the parent or guardian. The first dose of any new medication should always be administered at home to ensure close observation of any adverse reaction. If your physician decides it is necessary for your child to receive a medication during school hours, the parent or guardian may request that the school nurse administer the physician prescribed medication at scheduled times. The following school district policies apply to all medications brought to school:   * The permission to administer medication form must be completed (See link above- Administration of Med in School)    * Medication must be brought to school in the original pharmacy container with the current prescription label. Upon request, pharmacists can prepare a duplicate container to be used in school.   * All medications must be brought directly to the health office by an adult. Students who have medications of any kind in their possession (in lunch boxes, school bags, etc.) may be considered in violation of the school district drug and alcohol policies and may be subject to disciplinary action. A parent or guardian, or designated other adult must transport all medications to and from school.   * A licensed registered nurse employed by the school district shall be the only district employee responsible for the administration of medications.   * If a licensed registered nurse is unavailable to administer the medication on a time schedule determined by the student's physician, a plan will be developed by the school nurse and the parent or guardian to ensure that the medication is administered.   *All medications are kept in the health office in a locked cabinet.   *All emergency medications are kept in a labeled marked cabinet above the sink unlocked for emergency access.    * Acetaminophen, for which the district has a standing order from the district physician, will be administered with the signed permission of parent or guardian on the emergency form in HAC (Home Access Center).    ***PLEASE NOTIFY THE NURSE IN YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL IN WRITING IF YOU DO NOT WISH YOUR CHILD TO RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING ORAL MEDICATIONS IF THEY VISIT THE HEALTH OFFICE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR: 1. Tums or Maalox for upset stomach- One or two tablets every 2-4 hours. 2. Throat Lozenge- One lozenge as needed for cough /sore throat. 3. Chloraseptic spray /gargle- As a gargle, diluted or undiluted.