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Super Spike PBIS Program

Richboro Elementary School

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School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program (SWPBIS)

Student Behavioral Expectations:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

What is PBIS?

Through our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program, which we call the “Super Spike System” (after our mascot, Spike), students are explicitly taught the expectations and procedures for each area of the school. Every member of the staff then supports the application of that instruction by recognizing good behavior and decision-making.

RES Mission Statement

The goal of the Super Spike PBIS program is to create and maintain a consistent school-wide program that will apply equally to students in all grades and classrooms.  The program focuses on instructing and reinforcing positive behavioral expectations in all school settings.  Using consistent language and behavior guidelines allows students to gain fluency with appropriate behaviors and feel comfortable with expected routines.  Working together as a school-wide community, we will support one another in helping all of our children learn and grow as responsible, respectful, and safe citizens.

Student Recognition

Each day, ten staff members award a Power Paw to students exhibiting Super Spike expected behaviors.  After receiving their Power Paw, students sign their name in the Celebrity Book and pick a numbered paw for the Principal’s 100 Board. When an entire row is filled in any direction, the ten students whose paws are in that row win a prize.  Student names are broadcasted and their parents receive a celebratory email home when they earn a Power Paw or win the Principal's 100 Board. 

How Parents Can Help

Remind your child about the three expectations in school:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

These expectations have applications that are specific to the various areas of the school. Please refer to the school-wide positive behavior matrix for specifics on how these positive behaviors present themselves in each area.

RES's School-wide Positive Behavior Expectations Matrix (click on the link to view)