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Spelling List and Activities Page

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Spelling List # 29- words with ai, ay, igh, y

  1. aim
  2. snail
  3. raising
  4. braid
  5. thigh
  6. always
  7. gain
  8. sly
  9. chain
  10. kindly
  11. driveway
  12. fright


  1. contain
  2. complain


 Activities for Weekly Practice

  1. Write the Words- Go over the vowels in one color and the consonants in another color.
  2. Sentence Fun- Write each word in a sentence. Be sure to include a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end of each sentence.  Also underline each spelling word in your sentence.
  3. First Try/Second Try- Read each word. Then try to write it without peeking. Check to see if you got it right. If not, fix it!
  4. Rhyming Words- Write your spelling word. Then write two rhyming words next to each word.
  5. Story Writing- Use your words to create a creative story. Use as many spelling words as you can.
  6. Handwriting Words- Write your words two times as neatly as you can.
  7. Pyramid Writing- Write the first letter of your word, then on the next line; write the first two letters of your word. Continue doing this until you have spelled the whole word.     




  1. Tongue Twisters- Choose five of your spelling words and write a tongue twister using each of them in a sentence. (All words start with the same letter. Example: Pink pigs play the piano.) Underline the spelling word.
  2. Draw a Picture- Draw a picture for each word. Make one picture into a piece of artwork.
  3. Hidden Picture- Draw a picture and then hide your words in the picture. See if a friend or family member can find all of them!
  4. Finger Back Spelling- Take turns spelling and guessing each word on a family member’s back.
  5. Circle Little Words- Write each word and circle the little word in the bigger words.  Ex. Gr  e a t
  6. Spell Creatively- Use one of the following to spell your words: playdough, chalk, glitter, beans, cereal, noodles, salt, sugar, raisins, M&M’s, shaving cream or anything fun!
  7. Newspaper Words- Cut letters out of magazines or newspapers and use them to spell your words.
  8. Cheer your words- Choose one of the MANY cheers in your notebook and cheer your words for your family!
  9. Spelling City- Log onto the website, enter your words and play some fun activities! Spelling City 
  10. Make a Word Search- Make a list of your spelling words on a word search program and print it out. Puzzle Maker Website Link
  11. Scrabble- Write your spelling words and use the scrabble letters to add up how much each word is worth.  Example:  way = 4 + 1 + 4 = 9